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Here are a few things to consider if your’e thinking about fostering:

We here at Americas Freedom Paws are very excited you are interested in fostering a dog from us.

Fostering is a very rewarding experience and it helps save lives. You get to give love, train, enjoy your foster and just experience how thankful they really are for you. We are a very small organization and without fosters we can not save lives.

We do a required homecheck during the application process, we will help you with decisions to make sure the foster you choose have a good chance of succeeding in your home. We will also require you to bring to adoption events once a week. Currently we have events in Peoria and Surprise.

We will supply you will a bed, kennel if you need, food and a leash.

Can you get to the our vet quickly in case of an emergency? We have a vet who will treat your foster pet at no charge to you. If the animal you are fostering needs medical attention, contact your foster coordinator for approval and then transport the animal to the vet’s office.

We know once you choose your foster dog, you will never have such a rewarding experience.

We would like to thank you for choosing us to foster for.

Please email us at for the foster application.

We (AFP) will ALWAYS pay for all medical expenses while your foster dog is with you. We also provide you with food with a leash and collar...

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