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AFP is a 501 (Non Profit Organization)


AFP is in great need of monetary donations dog food purina one and simply nourish small bites, dog beds and wire kennels!


We provide homes for the lost, forgotten, e-listed and unwanted animals.  

AFP is a foster based organization and does not take in stray dogs you find on the streets.  

 You will need to take the dog to a local vet to get scanned for a chip, post flyers, knock on doors, post on the next door app.   WE CANNOT TAKE A DOG you find.   If you cannot find the owners, and the animal does not have a chip please contact other rescues.   We will not respond to found dogs, sorry as we get 100 of calls a day.   

WE DO TAKE OWNER SURRENDERS.  DOGS MUST BE UNDER 25 POUNDS; the dogs must like people and hopefully other dogs.  

Unfortunately, at this time WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT take dogs that are fear-based surrenders or dogs who do not do well in other surroundings.

Adoptions resumed the first and third Saturdays at PetSmart located at 9960 North 91st ave, Peoria Arizona.

(91st ave and Peoria)

We do offer a pet pantry although very sparce currently in 2023, for anyone who is in desperate need of food to provide for their furbabies.  If you need or know anyone in need, please feel free to contact us by email or by calling 602-736-9523.

Please remember in accordance with our adoption contract if your adopted pet gets out 2 times, and if the below items are not followed,  you forfeit your adoption and we regain custody of the animal.

  • If you no longer want or can not have your pet you must contact us to take the animal back (you can not gift, or take to shelter) it will void the contract
  • Keep dog updated on medical care
  • If you move and or change your phone please notify us and chip company
  • If your animal gets out you must contact us within 24 hours(If we find your dog and can not locate you we hold the dog for only 72 hours) it will void the contract
  • You must always have a tag and collar on animal
  • If you walk your dog you must have on leash unless at a dog park


Puppies $375

Specialty pure breed $300

Regular cutie furbaby 1 to 7 years old $275

Seniors 8 and older $250

We do offer Military discounts upon adoption


You must be 21 years or older

You must allow a FACE TO FACE interview and home check either in pics or in person

If you rent, you must have written permission from your landlord

All required adoption fees must be paid in full at the time of adoption

We will provide all medical information that is known about the pet. All our animals will be vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Once the animal has been adopted Americas Freedom Paws will no longer be responsible for any veterinarian bills unless otherwised arranged

If for any reason you do not keep the adopted animal, you must return the animal to Americas Freedom Paws Rescue

Good afternoon, my name is Diane Williams and i am the founder of Americas Freedom Paws Rescue. Myself & Tanya started our own organization after we continually witness neglect, sadness and other emotions from just fostering. We hope you can find everything you need here.

February 2023 I, Diane Williams will be retiring, and Marcela Wolf will be the new director.  Nothing will change same policies same procedures and really same faces as Marcela has been with us for 2 years.

America's Freedom Paws Rescue is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations when searching for your new family friend. Americas Freedom Paws ( a 501c3 organization) specializes in small to medium dogs, usually not over 25 pounds, there are some exceptions to the rule of course. Americas Freedom Paws wants to make sure the dog you pick is the right fit for you, and you are the right fit for the dog. We do home checks upon adoptions and we also allow for a 72 hour overnight. Americas Freedom Paws Rescue is a small foster based rescue who counts on fosters and the community to help us save animals.

When saving a variety of animals, we are sure you'll be happy ADOPTING with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We know there are 343 rescues in the state of Arizona, thank you for choosing America's Freedom Paws Rescue. We pride ourselves in customer service and making sure we are providing proper tools for adopters and and their new addition to their family!!!

If you would like to foster please contact us at

Please always feel free to FOSTER, SHARE or DONATE.... You can click on the button at the top of the page or the donate page and donate via pay pal or you can call either of our vet clinics and say you would like to donate to Americas Freedom Paws Rescue. Apollo Animal Hospital North 623-561-8482 

Rescue is an act of love, not for money or riches. We work daily on educating, rescuing, training, re-homing and saving lives. Every time we save a life we need to have them looked at by the vet.  

WE LOVE what we do but we can not run on Love alone. If you can find the time to donate we would greatly appreciate it. We are a very small group of 4 and together we save lots of lives. Thank you for visiting and sharing our page.

Share the word on SPAY AND NUETERING YOUR PETS!!!!

 PLEASE INVEST IN A COLLAR AND TAG, it may save your dogs life.....

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